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Our missions

The association


Pets Center DJERBA

has several missions:


The construction of a refuge for animals in Djerba

The collection of abandoned and mistreated animals

Caring for these animals

The search for adoptive families for these animals

Defending animals

in need

Public awareness,

in particular of the younger generations, to promote animal welfare

Our founder

Sami Yahyaoui

“People think I'm crazy, but I want to shelter all the dogs and cats in Djerba. I won't give up! 


Sami is a native of Djerba who works and lives in France, but regularly travels to the island to visit his family. For several years, he has been obsessed with the idea of saving all the animals in Djerba. In particular, he pays close attention to a small family of dogs near his mother's house, and it's always hard for him to leave them, wondering what will become of them.

Determined to find solutions, Sami meets with an animal protection association on site to draw up a first plan for his project. Since then he has become very active in animal welfare, as his heart was broken by the sad news that the dog outside his mother's house had been poisoned. This dog, so nice, was with his little ones and their mother.

The loss of this dog has been a very difficult ordeal for Sami, who fears for the safety of the mother and the little ones who are still in danger in Djerba. Indeed, at this time of the year, dogs are often put down, which puts them in constant danger.

It was then, that in September 2020, Sami began to take concrete action to save these animals. The first action he took was to bring the mother and her little ones into safety, entrusting them to the association "Un toit pour toi". This first step is crucial, as it guarantees the safety and well-being of these vulnerable animals.

Bella and her babies

Sami often comes to Djerba for the animals, he has only one idea in mind: To open a shelter!


Follow the progress of the project here.

Sami and his animals thank you from the bottom of their hearts!

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