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The animal shelter will provide a home for stray dogs as well as abandoned pets such as dogs, cats, horses and others. 

These animals can be lost, sick, victims of mistreatment or simply abandoned by their owner for various reasons. 

The goal is to provide optimal housing for animals, facilitate working conditions for employees, accommodate adopters appropriately and maintain efficient operations. The living environment for the animals is also taken into account so that they can be accommodated in the best conditions.

The structure will include:

  • an infirmary for sick animals,

  • a consulting room for veterinary visits,

  • a surgery room and a treatment room,

  • a pharmacy, isolation rooms for incoming animals,

  • a kitchen to prepare their meals,

  • a laundry room, a linen room,

  • a room for the archives,

  • changing rooms for staff,

  • parking for visitors,

  • a reception desk

  • meeting room,

  • a storage place for blankets, etc.

  • a food reserve,

  • a reserve for the material,

  • a studio for the caretaker,

  • A reserved for dogs awaiting adoption.

  • A space reserved for injured dogs

  • A space reserved for older dogs

  • A space reserved for puppies

  • New animals will be housed in suitable premises (quarantine) in order to be assessed by the veterinarian.

Care has been taken to calculate everything to minimize running costs by reducing electricity and water consumption. Trees will be planted to create a green environment.

PHOTO-2023-04-23-11-21-57 11_edited.jpg

The shelter and its structure have put in place steps to assess the dogs, in particular taking into account the following elements:

  • their life story,

  • their behaviour,

  • their level of sociability,

  • their character,

  • their state of health

With the collaboration of the associations of Djerba and partner associations in France, we will be able to adopt dogs from the refuge in Europe with a well-established protocol that we will take care of establishing.




The exact address in Djerba will be available soon!


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